Let's move from feeling stuck in struggle to feeling freedom and peace in your life.

So, you're done selling yourself short and ready to finally become the person you know you're meant to be?..

Good! Because, together, we are going to move beyond boundaries that currently feel so insurmountable into a limitless life of freedom and self actualization. How? Through a supportive program that will not offer you a magical cure but an applicable, effective method for how to finally make the changes in your life STICK!

Let's Meet

I'm Tami Amanda, Your Personal Betterment Strategist.

I’m Tami Amanda.  I’m a Personal Betterment Strategist, Social Worker, Yoga Teacher, entrepreneur and woman on her own journey dedicated to helping you go after what you truly want in life.  You absolutely deserve it all. You’ve got a fire burning inside of you, and you know that you’re made for more! I believe it is possible to have the life you are searching for with some effective, full-proof practices in place and a motivation to face what’s been holding you back.  Working with me is a very different experience as I incorporate my trainings as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, somatic awareness practitioner and coach to bring you strategies that truly work and last.  I ask of you to show up fully, open, and willing to do the work.  I ask that you be open to coming home to yourself.  I ask this of you because I know you can and I will believe in you until you can believe in yourself.  Grab my hand and let me show you how to get there. Let’s go!

Does This Sound Familiar? 

The alarm goes off and you are overcome with a feeling of dread. Another day of giving, giving, giving. Another day where you accomplish all that is on your to-do list but feel unfulfilled by it. You’re living a life based on external "success". But you know in your heart that you are lacking joy and freedom. You feel like a prisoner to your accomplishments. 

You’ve started on the path of healing.  You’ve read many books, listened to different podcasts and have sought support.  You have successfully made changes, getting a glimpse of what joy and freedom feel like only to find yourself back in the same old patterns you have worked so hard to get away from.

You're yearning for more movement, social life and fun...more you time. But every time you schedule it in, you feel guilty and cannot settle into the moment. You have an overwhelming need to be busy and you feel yourself moving towards burnout. 

The Method

The Power and Purpose of Moving​

Reconnecting With The Body​

Identify and Labeling where you are stuck (becoming honest)

Troubleshooting conditioned patterns​

Self Love or Unconditional Positive Regard​

Being Brave (really understanding the role of fear in your life)​


Create the life of your dreams​


"I can not rave about Tami Amanda enough. I was so stuck before working with her. I sat at my desk, sat in my car, then sat on my couch everyday.  My body and soul were screaming for change and finally after being connected to Tami through a dear friend I was able to finally change my routine! I was able to identify why I was holding myself back from taking action in my life. Now I am going to spin regularly and am starting a new job that doesn't make me feel so bad about myself. I now have the energy to live my life after work! I don't feel paralyzed any more."

-Allyson, Minnesota 

"My boyfriend was my world, I was just doing all I could for him and nothing really for myself. My relationship was great, but there was no time left for me. I really couldn't quite figure out why I was feeling mad so often. Tami's webinar popped up on my Instagram feed, I watched it an oh boy I was changed. It woke me up and I became enlightened to the fact that I needed to take more time for my self to "refill my cup." I've been working with Tami for a few months now and my old life feels like a distant memory. I am so grateful for her."

-Payton, Oklahoma

"Honestly, anxiety is something that really defined my teens and 20's. I was so consumed with what other people thought of me and just spent so much time getting dressed every morning. I was obsessed with the idea of living the 'perfect' day and would be so hard on myself when I would "mess it up.' I met Tami and she helped me realize that I could manage my anxiety and hold compassion for myself. I am now able to be ambitious, strive to be my best but I don't beat myself up as much as I used to and just this little shift has made all the difference in me enjoying my life. "

-Lauren, New York